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Greg Stanford posted a discussion

Kid Show Etiquette by Steve Kissell

“Now you’ve done it.  You’ve broken it!” “Oh great, someone is talking and now I have to stop the show and ask them to be quiet. Now I will have to leave out a trick.” “Give me your hand, the clean one...oh that was the clean one” “Hey kid, be quiet and stand still, your ruining the show!” “Let’s all sit down Indian style with your hands in your laps...your own laps!” “You messed up the trick, now I’m gonna have to give you a wedgie!” These are all shocking but true statements I have heard from…See More
Mar 19, 2018
Greg Stanford posted a discussion

Do You Know This Trick?

Someone gifted me with a used trick of a rabbit on a card. It opens up with red and blue rabbit on the inside. The back of the card has the back of the rabbit. If you open it up the other direction it has a white and green rabbit.I'm guessing this is similar to Hippity Hop Rabbit, but I've know Idea the working process. Anyone familiar with this trick and can share the routine?Thanks!Greg…See More
Feb 11, 2018


The Bump a Nose community is for anyone involved in the art of clowning. This is a positive place, so please keep your posts, comments and such clean, decent and positive. The mission of Bump a Nose is to LAUGH.
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